Thank you for your patience during this time. We are trying our best to get patients scheduled, results presented, and reports finished and sent out in a timely manner. However, we are fielding a very high volume of referrals. Current times are challenging for everyone, and the individuals who comprise our practice are doing the very best they can to meet the high service standards held by our practice while also balancing health and safety in the workplace and in our own homes. We ask that you please be kind, and we greatly appreciate your understanding.

Neuropsychology and Concussion Management Associates (NCMA) was established in late 2012 by Dr. Bryant, who has been in practice as a neuropsychologist in Midcoast Maine since 2000. We have office locations in Rockport and Yarmouth, though all administrative activity (referrals, scheduling, records requests, etc) goes through our Rockport office.

We provide comprehensive neuropsychological, psychological, and psycho-educational evaluations in both healthcare and legal contexts as well as concussion management services in collaboration with a multidisciplinary informal network of providers across the state. We also provide cognitive screenings and brain health coaching. We offer vocational interest assessment along with ability assessment to assist people in career development and satisfaction.


While an image of a brain (e.g., MRI) can provide important information about the integrity of brain structures, more subtle, functional, or early stage problems are not detected by most imaging.

Neuropsychological testing reveals the functional status of the different brain networks, and the neuropsychologist can explain how this status would effect an individual in daily life situations, diagnose a condition if appropriate, and make recommendations for intervention and/or accommodation for any problem areas.

NCMA Testing Services


The neuropsychologists at NCMA use a combination of interview, screening of movement, balance, and eye movement, as well as neuropsychological tests, including ImPACT, as appropriate during the recovery process to contribute to evaluating progress, managing activities to facilitate recovery, and if necessary, identifying interventions that will further recovery (e.g., physical therapy, neurobehavioral optometry, vestibular therapy, and exertion therapy).

Concussion Management


We provide legal neuropsychological consultation related to matters involving possible or confirmed brain injury as well as other neurological and neuropsychological conditions. A neuropsychological examination is useful for establishing whether or not the brain was injured, the extent and nature of injury if present, prognosis, and the effect of such injury on work, school and general daily activities.

Legal Consultation