Legal Consultation

We provide legal neuropsychological and psychological consultation and evaluation related to matters involving possible or confirmed brain injury as well as other neurological and neuropsychological conditions and also for psycho-educational and post traumatic stress issues. A neuropsychological examination is useful for establishing whether or not the brain was injured, the extent and nature of injury if present, prognosis, and the effect of such injury on work, school and general daily activities.

We provide expert forensic neuropsychological or psychological services for the following:

  • Confidential consultation to attorneys regarding neuropsychological aspects of their cases, including review of existing neuropsychological reports and related materials
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological examination as part of civil and criminal cases and related expert testimony
  • Independent neuropsychological examinations (IMEs) for insurance companies
  • Maine Workers' Compensation Section 207 and 312 Exams
  • Exams required by existing employers or ordered by Boards (usually medicine or psychology) to assess capacity for return to work duties
  • Independent educational examination (IEE) requiring neuropsychological expertise for adolescents at least 14 years old
  • Evaluation of specific civil capacities or need for guardianship
  • Evaluation for testing accommodations for exams such as GREs, LSATs, SATs and the Bar exam are not done for a court process like most forensic exams. However, they also are not done for diagnosis and treatment planning purposes. They are performed to answer a question for a third party (the test administrator). As such, these exams are not clinical and are not insurance-reimbursable. They are most appropriately considered to be a forensic exam. That said, the exam results are provided directly to the patient and are not otherwise released without the patient’s consent.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant psychological and neuropsychological evaluations

We do NOT provide forensic neuropsychological or psychological services for the purposes of child custody or parental capacity matters.

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