Judy Rokous, M.S.

Judy RokousM.S.

Judy Rokous is a neuropsychometrist and executive function skills coach who brings a wealth of experience and unique insight to NCMA. She specializes in identifying and leveraging areas of strength to target weaknesses, positively impacting academic achievement and work performance as well as maintaining healthy habits and relationships.

She earned her BA in Biological Basis of Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania and her masters in toxicology from the University of Maryland. She began her career in education, gaining experience working directly with students struggling with executive function challenges. By developing customized strategies for students, she was able to help them target and meet goals despite challenges with organization, time management, task initiation, and goal-directed persistence.

Judy draws on her decades of unique insight and expertise to coach her clients to success. By individually tailoring a program for her clients, she teaches them how to implement systems and practice habits around self-management. With her guidance, they work towards the goals they are striving to achieve, ultimately becoming more productive, effective, and confident in their lives.

Judy has developed her practices of executive functioning skills through research-based training such as the PESI Executive Function Mastery Course on evidence-based strategies to improve attention, memory, and self-regulation, Executive Skills Coach Training with Peg Dawson, and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s course on executive functioning training and motivation. Previous education-based opportunities have also been advantageous to her current work. For example, Judy attended the Angela Duckworth Educators Summit and Harvard’s Learning and the Brain Institute Conference which complement how she integrates executive functioning within learning and academics.

Drawn to the natural beauty of Maine and the many outdoor opportunities it offers, Judy and husband Chris moved their family to Camden in 2016. She joined NCMA in 2022.