How do I contact you?

Phone: 207-594-2952
Fax: 1-888-714-5185
Secure email via our contact form.

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What are your Covid policies?

Prior to your appointment, we will contact you to review a list of Covid-19 related questions. We require that you call if anything changes between the time of providing this information and your appointment, and we also will contact you if anything changes on our end. You must wear a mask inside our Rockport and Yarmouth clinics until directed otherwise. The person being examined likely will be able to remove their mask for part, or even most, of the appointment, and if the appointment spans lunch, a room will be provided.

If you do not have a mask that meets our clinic standards, or if you prefer to use one of our masks, we will provide one of our masks (KN94). The exam room is sanitized between patients and air filtration is used. Video conferencing may be used for part of your exam, so please contact us if you struggle with screen-time or have general testing questions. You also can contact us if you are worried about how this set up might impact the usefulness of your test results.

Please be honest with your symptoms and recent exposures; NCMA staff will also tell you if we have symptoms or recent exposures so that you can decide if you feel safe coming in person to the clinic. We will find another time to see you if needed and you will not be penalized for needing to reschedule due to Covid-19.

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I have an appointment in Yarmouth or Dover. How do I check in?

There is no reception on site in Yarmouth. Please have a seat in the waiting room. Your provider will find you there at the appointed time. If you are late, please call the office at 207-594-2952 so that our staff can let your provider know when you have arrived. If you are on time and have been waiting for as much as 10 minutes, please call the office.

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What insurances do you take?

Certain NCMA providers accept limited insurances and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Workers’ Compensation insurance will typically fully cover your services if approved in advance by your adjuster. If you have a Medicare replacement plan or other commercial insurance plan not in our network, you will pay Out of Pocket (OOP) at the time of services, and if you would like, we will provide you with a statement so that you can submit it to your insurer for reimbursement. We will provide codes to you so that you can check with your insurer about coverage prior to the date of your services. Because certain providers are Out-of-Network for some insurances, we have no ability to ensure that you will be reimbursed by your insurance company, or if so, by how much, nor can we ensure that they will give you accurate information about your potential coverage.

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How do I schedule an appointment?

We require clinical information to be able to schedule the specific type of testing that will be needed and to know how much time this service will take. If your services are related to injury, we need to know how long ago the injury occurred. This information most often comes from a referral from a current provider. A provider at NCMA will review the referral and clinical information, and then advise as to scheduling and an associated estimate of cost. If you do not have a referral, it is more difficult to get an accurate estimate, but we can still schedule your services if you provide us with some clinical information. You can do this in several ways. You can call the office at 207-594-2952 and relay that information to our administrative staff, you may use our contact form and provide some detail there; this is sent securely to the administrative staff and to Dr. Bryant. Finally, you can fill out your own Referral Form on our website. We will then contact you to discuss your services.

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How do I pay for my appointment?

NCMA accepts checks and all major credit/debit cards. Certain NCMA providers participate with limited health insurances. Once services are complete, we will reconcile the estimate you paid with the actual time used. You may receive a refund for any overpayment, or in rare circumstances, an additional amount may be due. At the completion of services, we provide you with a statement. This statement can be used to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you saw us out-of-network, in which case, whether and to what extent your insurance company will reimburse is between you and your insurance company.

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Will you coordinate with my insurance company?

We will coordinate with insurance companies that are in-network. If we do not have a contract with your insurance company; you as the subscriber have the contract with your company. Therefore, with the exception of limited insurances and Workers’ Compensation, we do not coordinate services with Out-of-Network insurance companies, and therefore do not fill out prior authorizations, one-time-agreements, or other insurance paperwork. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to understand your Out-of-Network (OON) benefits and reimbursement rate.

We will provide you with the codes that will be used along with an estimate of how many units of each code is anticipated to be needed for your services. This information will hopefully assist you in getting accurate information from your insurer regarding any reimbursement.

You should always ask your insurer if there is a cap on the number of units that can be reimbursed and if there is a required prior authorization process. If there is a required prior authorization process, you will need to have your referring or primary care provider complete that for you. You also should ask about the process for being reimbursed; for example, is there a form for you to fill out to submit to your insurer along with the statement that we can provide to you. Back to Questions

Can you explain your estimate-statement-insurance process?

Neuropsychological service codes are structured based on time required for all aspects of the service— record reviewing, interviewing, testing, scoring, analyzing, and communicating results by writing and/or discussion. One of our providers will review the clinical information in your referral and decide how much time your services are anticipated to require.You will be charged for this estimated amount at the time of your appointment or prior to it. Once all components of your case are complete, we will send a statement to you that documents how the time was used, and how much it actually cost. If less time was needed than expected, we will refund you that amount. If more time was required than expected, we may bill you for the remaining balance up to the amount we estimated as a maximum cost. We try to make tailored and accurate estimates to prevent this from happening, but it does happen for various reasons from time to time. Sometimes this is due to needing to add tests due to what we learn about you as we go through the evaluation process. Sometimes, for various reasons the pacing of completing tests or going through interview is lengthier than anticipated. When the time required is greater than anticipated, you are responsible for the remaining balance. If it becomes clear that more time will be needed due to issues raised as records come in prior to your service or during interviews with you or family members, we will discuss this with you to consider a revised estimate. Once the service is complete and you have your statement, you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement per their guidelines.

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Why do you only take limited insurances?

Unfortunately, it comes down to what is manageable for our small practice. We would like to provide services to everyone without regard to payment issues, but we have learned that it is simply not possible for a practice of our size. We do continue to provide a reduced fee level for Medicaid recipients.

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What does my appointment include?

Generally speaking, appointments include interview(s), where your provider discusses why you are being seen along with pertinent history; testing, where you meet individually with a testing assistant or your provider to complete cognitive and/or psychological testing (depending on the type of services you are having; and in clinical cases, at a later date (sometimes same day), discussion of test findings, where you receive your results and your provider’s interpretation of testing along with any diagnoses and relevant recommendations. After your appointment, a report detailing your services will be sent to you. You are able to share this report with any of your other providers who might want to see it.

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What is testing like?

While varied, testing typically consists of your provider and/or a neuropsychometrician/testing assistant asking you questions and having you complete paper and pencil tasks, puzzles, computer tasks, and questionnaires that ask about symptoms, mood and behavior. Sometimes we may test academic skills such as reading and math. As needed, we will test vestibular and visual functions (e.g., balance, coordination of head movement and eye movement, visual tracking, etc.). Testing is not medically invasive (no needles, etc.) but it does require your active participation throughout. Testing will ask you to flex your thinking skills and it is important that you give your best effort so that we can get the most accurate and applicable results possible. Breaks are offered as needed, including time for a lunch break if your appointment spans the lunch hour. If we propose a lengthy appointment to meet your evaluation needs and you feel that you may need to have shorter appointments, please ask us about that during the scheduling process. You can find more information about testing on our Neuropsychological Testing page.

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Who will get my report?

Except in certain circumstances, which are detailed in our consent and agreement forms, we are only able to release your report and/or records with your permission/authorization. In most, but not all situations, (again detailed in the consent and agreement forms), you will receive a copy of the completed report and, with your permission, we will send a copy to your referring provider as well. Once you have your report, you are welcome to share it with any and all providers, or others, as you wish. In fact, it is recommended that you share your report with any providers involved in your care as that generally facilitates the best coordination of care and best outcome for you. In workers’ compensation cases, your report (along with a work note) is also sent to your adjuster and case manager. If it is your child who received services and you need a specific note for school, we will provide this to you along with the full report so that you can share it with the school. It is in certain legal situations that you may not receive a copy of your report, (e.g., a section 312 exam or an examination completed through State Forensic Services).

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Forensic-Specific FAQ

NCMA is accepting legal referrals including civil and criminal matters. Please contact our office with case information. We will then coordinate retainer, medical records, and examinee scheduling. While most forensic cases will be considered, we do not provide forensic evaluation for child custody/parental capacity.

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