Neuropsychological and Comprehensive Evaluation

What is a Post Doctoral Neuropsychology Resident?

A Post Doctoral Neuropsychology Resident, also referred to as a “Fellow” has completed their doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) in neuropsychology or in psychology. This has involved extensive coursework and training, with at least one year of practicum experience and at least one year of pre-doctoral internship experience, during which they have specialized in neuropsychology. To become board certified in neuropsychology, they must additionally complete two years of supervised training after the completion of their doctoral degree. After approximately one year of such training, they become eligible for licensure as psychologists, specializing in neuropsychology. A Temporary designation associated with license indicates that they have yet to take a written exam for the state licensure but have completed all of the other requirements and can practice under the supervision of a fully licensed psychologist. Subsequent to that written exam, they become fully independently licensed but do need to finish the full two years of supervised post doctoral experience in order to be eligible for board certification. Board certification is not required to specialize in clinical neuropsychology but all neuropsychologists and aspiring neuropsychologists at NCMA are board certified, in the process of certification or are pursuing the necessary requirements to become eligible for board certification.

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